Inner Awakening - Classical Indian Flute with V.K. Raman - Music for Deep Meditation

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Inner Awakening - Classical Indian Flute with V.K. Raman - Music for Deep Meditation

Upload : 21 Jul 2013
Channel : Music for Deep Meditation
Duration : 5.30
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This recording captures the unspoiled purity of the classical Indian flute accompanied by the tamboura. The simple but powerful compositions bring the mind to an exquisite place of stillness, refreshing your whole being and turning the attention within.

The flute is masterfully played by venerable V.K. Raman, one of the greatest musicians of classical Indian flute alive today. He not only is an accomplished musician but a yogi who poured his whole heart into the project.

The Indian classical flute developed independently from its Western counterparts. Made with bamboo, Indian flutes are keyless. There are two main varieties used--both played in this recording. The first is the Bansuri, used predominantly in Hindustani music. The second is the Venu, which is mostly used in Carnatic style, the music of the South of India.

Each track has a different raga improvisation which has the power to soothe the mind and has the power to bring the body to a state of complete calm and relaxation.


In this release, the interpretation of Raga--the musical form of Indian classical music used as basis of improvisation and composition--is taken to a whole new level. Each note creates a sublime tapestry of sounds bringing pure delight to the listener. The first couple tracks based on the classical Revathi Raga, the basic scale of the ancient Vedas, is especially wonderful. This is an essential addition to both the beginner and the seasoned expert of classical Indian music. Apsari --Apsari

A must have for Meditators. The finely crafted recordings bring to life the sacredness and power of soothing primodial sounds --Stress Free Living Magazine

Classical Indian Flute by V.K. Raman

Produced by Vidura Barrios for Inner Splendor Media LLC

Video by Nate Morgan

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